Shepherd's Heart Children's Home

Foundation History

Our founders

- Each child at our home is nurtured, cared for and loved so that they may grow to be fine leaders in the future.

- We maintain a family atmosphere and relationship around our home.

- There is a dedicated staff that reflects devotion in helping the children to grow up in an environment that is based on love and enriched with values.

- Hygienic and well maintained environment for the children.

- All children have been placed in reputed schools in Colombo area, and we also have well trained tutors to help the children after school classes.

- We offer well trained counselors for the children on a regular basis.

- The home is managed by an administrative staff that ensures the home is run effectively and efficiently.

- Annual audit taken by a reputable Chartered Accounting firm.





​​We have 18 precious daughters in our home, The home is a safe haven for the girls who come from various hopeless and unsafe situations. We provide our girls with good education, extra activities to cultivate their gifts and talents.

​​9th February 2002, Shepherd’s Heart Children’s Home opened in response to the heart rending cries of the vulnerable children in Sri Lanka. We strive to offer a stable life in a safe environment for hurting children.


Dr.Woodrow & Melanie Blok

What we offer: